The Innovative 1 KRW Account Verification Service for South Korea by ARGOS KYC

Hello from ARGOS KYC! We are continuously striving to provide a secure and convenient verification experience for our users. Today, we are excited to share an important and special announcement. We are proud to introduce our newly launched feature, the '1 KRW Account Verification' method.

Enhancing Security with the 1 KRW Account Verification Method

ARGOS KYC has introduced the 1 KRW account verification method with the intent of providing a more definite confirmation of users' identities. This method allows users to verify their identity by transferring 1 KRW through their own bank account. Notably, this method is provided in accordance with the account opening guide recommended by the Financial Services Commission of Korea, ensuring enhanced protection of users' personal information.

Free 1 KRW Account Verification Service for Users

What's even more exciting is that ARGOS KYC offers this new verification method free of charge to all its customers. This is certainly great news for customers who were previously concerned about additional costs associated with other verification methods. We always prioritize user convenience and affordability, consistently making efforts to achieve this.

Maximizing Convenience with Perfect Integration with Liveform

Another key point about the introduction of the 1 KRW account verification method is its seamless integration with ARGOS KYC's Liveform. Unlike other 1 KRW verification solutions that only provide an API format, ARGOS KYC's Liveform comes complete with all the necessary components.
This means that users can apply the feature directly to Liveform by simply selecting an option on the dashboard, without the need for any additional development. This allows for a more simple and effective verification process for our users, a perfect embodiment of the user-centric service philosophy that ARGOS KYC pursues.
Moreover, this Liveform is also linked with the result of ID recognition, ensuring a faster and more accurate processing of your verification procedure. This ultimately enhances user convenience even further.

Ideal for Overseas Businesses Authenticating Korean Users

Most notably, the 1 KRW account verification method is especially useful for overseas businesses seeking to authenticate Korean users. This unique solution allows international companies to confidently and accurately verify Korean user identities, greatly improving the user experience and reducing verification errors.

Explore More Features Provided by ARGOS KYC

In addition to these, ARGOS KYC provides a variety of identification verification options and features. Please check our service guide for more detailed information by clicking the following link:
ARGOS KYC is dedicated to continuous improvement, striving to offer better services to our users. The introduction of the 1 KRW account verification method is part of this effort, reflecting our mission to prioritize both user safety and convenience.
ARGOS KYC will continue to strive to provide a more reliable and user-friendly service. Please stay tuned for more updates and continue to support our journey.
Finally, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to all of our users. We will work hard to provide better services for your satisfaction and we always welcome your feedback and opinions.
Thank you.