ARGOS KYC x Unum ID | 1-click reusable ID via seamless KYC expereince

Argos KYC Inc. and Unum ID Partner to Empower Clients with 1-Click User Verification

Argos KYC Inc. is delighted to announce their partnership with Unum ID, a reusable digital identity platform that enables 1-click user verification. With their partnership, Argos will provide clients with new options for a more frictionless user sign-up experience at even more affordable prices, and Unum ID will continue to expand its network of verified identities through Argos KYC’s ecosystem of new and existing clients.
The Argos KYC mission to “Identify Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” moves forward into a new era today – the era of reusable identity.
The standard KYC (“Know Your Customer”) onboarding process required by financial institutions – which typically requires capturing personal information: ID cards and selfies – is time-consuming and complex. No matter how smooth an interface KYC providers like Argos KYC create to capture this data, the minutes it takes users to complete KYC leads to customer drop-offs during the account creation process, impacting the financial institution’s top line growth.
Starting today, users only need to complete KYC once and can safely reuse it forever. By partnering with Unum ID, Argos KYC can now enable customers to seamlessly and securely onboard in seconds, not minutes. Once a user completes KYC anywhere within the ecosystem, they can opt-in to receiving a free, secure digital ID card with their verified data. The next time the user signs-up for an in-network platform, the user can reuse their verified identity information and sign-up in just one click – like ‘Sign in with Apple ID’, but with fully verified, robust customer data. End-users always have full control of exactly what data they choose to share, and companies can always re-verify that data through their own systems without requiring their users to manually enter data again.
The reusability of digital identities also enables Argos KYC to offer an unbeatable price point to new and existing clients that enable Unum ID. By empowering users to securely share their verified identity data across the Unum ID network, financial institutions (as well as online gaming, crypto currency, virtual asset service providers, shared economy, and more) can collectively share the cost of verification and reduce redundant identity checks.
“We’re incredibly excited to offer 1-click onboarding to our clients – not only to improve the customer experience, but also to dramatically reduce our client’s costs for KYC and make onboarding more accessible for companies of every size. This is the next frontier of online identity verification, and partnering with Unum ID is a win for everyone – our clients, their end-customers, and us.”

Argos KYC CEO / Wonkyu Lee

Unum ID shares the same enthusiasm for the partnership.
  “Argos KYC has developed a great brand and network of clients over the years, and we’re excited to bring our reusable identity technology into their tech stack. This isn’t just a baby step for digital identity – it’s a giant leap forward into the next generation of how we identify ourselves online with both ease and security.”

Unum ID CEO / Aidan McCarty

The companies expect to fully integrate their technologies within the next month and begin offering reusable capabilities to new and existing clients immediately following. Argos KYC clients will be able to add Unum ID on top of their existing onboarding processes with a simple flip of a switch and immediately start receiving the user experience and cost benefits.
Identifying “anyone, anytime, anywhere” just got a whole lot easier.

About Unum ID

Unum ID is the Verified Network, providing a marketplace for companies to seamlessly onboard verified users in 1-click. Their simple, developer-friendly API integrates on top of existing onboarding processes in as little as an afternoon and unlocks new user growth, customer stickiness, and partner conversion at a fraction of the typical cost. A venture-backed company, Unum ID works with some of the preeminent players in fintech and digital identity, including Tim Draper, Samsung NEXT, and Franklin Templeton. Forget the long sign-up form – sign-up with 1-click via Unum ID.

About Argos KYC

Argos KYC provides online identity verification solutions for KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) screening services. Argos KYC can verify over 1,600 ID types from more than 210 countries. Argos KYC provides users a smooth and hassle-free KYC process through numerous AI technologies.  OCR AI,  Face Comparison AI,  Liveness AI, and  Text Matching AI. This lets users go through the KYC process easily.
Identify Anyone at Anytime Anywhere with Argos KYC. Got you covered!