Argos KYC is now supporting 24 hour KYC solutions for all customers!

ARGOS would like to inform our potential customers that we are now supporting 24 hour KYC(Know Your Customer) service to all customers. No additional fees are needed to experience 24 hour identity verification solution.
The 24 hour support was only available who signed an additional contract as the basic KYC service operated during office working hours. However, for the purpose to increase service quality and satisfaction from our customers from around the world, ARGOS has decided to initiate 24 hour support for all companies with no additional costs. Make your business grow and stay agile with ongoing financial compliances, where ARGOS got you covered from any digital-related attacks, identity frauds, and regulations.
The 24 hour solution has been officially activated as of September 1st, 2021 at 00:00 (UTC).  Click here to request additional information about the new service.
Please contact us to receive detailed information for KYC service coverage by ARGOS.