Build your own authentication system with ARGOS Face Auth.

Hello, everyone! This is the ARGOS team.
Our journey in the digital world is sometimes interrupted by complex and cumbersome authentication processes. If forgetting passwords, anxiety about email verification, and the need for OTP devices are bothering you, we'd like to introduce you to Face Auth, a revolutionary feature in ARGOS!

Face Auth in ARGOS: A New paradigm with AI

Beyond the limits of traditional authentication!

Forgetting passwords is a common occurrence when using online services. This is stressful for users and can be a barrier to accessing services. Email authentication can also be unsettling for users due to the risk of phishing attacks. OTP methods are also cumbersome, requiring a device with a stored number.
ARGOS' Face Auth solves all of these problems. It utilizes biometrics to completely eliminate the burden of setting and remembering complex passwords, and it also eliminates the risk of email verification. Your face becomes KEY.

High accuracy and flexibility: the future of authentication.

99.996% high accuracy

Face Auth recognizes you with a whopping 99.996% accuracy rate. This high accuracy demonstrates the maturity of the technology and gives users a more trusted way to authenticate.

Flexible Authentication Experience

Flexibly responds to changes in ambient lighting, facial poses, and facial expressions, providing a reliable authentication experience in any situation. This flexibility allows users to conveniently use services in a variety of environments.

Use in a variety of environments: Innovations in Face Auth

Recognizing mask and helmet wear !

Whether in mobility services or construction sites, Face Auth shines. With the additional option to check if a mask or helmet is being worn, it's easy to use in a variety of environments. Try out ARGOS' features to help your users stay safe and compliant.

A safe and convenient future with ARGOS.

ARGOS will continue to strive to make your authentication journey more convenient and secure. Join us in making your online world safer and more convenient!
Experience ARGOS's Face Auth today, where one face solves everything!
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