Argos KYC in Asian Financial Forum(AFF) 2022

Argos KYC is attending the Asian Financial Forum 2022 from January 10 to January 12, 2022. Asian Financial Forum(AFF) is Asia’s premier platform for thought leadership, innovation, and networking for global financial and business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs.
Due to Covid 19, the forum is scheduled to hold online. Amid the situation, Argos KYC is happy to attend the forum, and also eagerly seeking to explore business partnership and investment opportunities through AFF 2022.
Just like the many-eyed giant Argos from Greek mythology, Argos KYC aims to provide a trustworthy global online identity verification solution for KYC and AML screening. Argos KYC is constantly developing a digital technology to support clients looking for authentication and safety of business partners and customers.
We look forward to meeting various businesses for new opportunities and collaborations at the AFF Deal Flow Matchmaking Session. Please do not hesitate to have a talk with Argos KYC regarding any inquiries. Our solutions include KYC, KYB, and AML Screening for businesses from many kinds of industries.
Let us be the one who can provide a safe environment for your business to thrive by identifying anyone at any time anywhere. Got you covered!
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