KYC Submission Method: API and Liveform

When it comes to establishing the KYC submission process for your company program, Argos KYC provides two options, API and Liveform. API is a user-based, flexible method allowing to manage various workflows and Liveform is a web-based method supporting real-time processes through the web browsers and provided only by Argos KYC.
Both API and Liveform work as a gateway for the end-users to go through the KYC process. Let us compare how API and Liveform differ, and what exactly is a Liveform.

API: User-based, flexible method

API allows you to manage your user journeys. It allows you to create and update accounts for your users. Therefore, you have to collect user information and then deliver the data to Argos KYC with API from the server. API is great when there is a high need for customization for the KYC process. Since API is user-based with high flexibility, various workflows can be made to the company’s own taste.

Liveform: Web-based, Prompt adaptation, 8 language support

Liveform is a web-based method for KYC submission. As Liveform is made on the web, users need to start the KYC process through a mobile device. In order to lead the process directly from a PC to a mobile device, a QR code is provided. Scanning the QR code with a mobile device will direct the end-users to the KYC submission page.
Argos KYC provides Liveform for companies that need prompt KYC adaptation to their system. Changes can be made but with few options. Currently, Liveform can support 8 languages. English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. You can set the default language of your own choice.

API and Liveform, which is better?

Both API and Liveform support ID verification with OCR technology and liveness detection. The choice of API or Liveform depends on how the developers can make the KYC submission page. If you have a good amount of time and manpower, applying API can be an option. If you wish to use the recourses rather at a different stage, then adapting Liveform can be a good option for the KYC submission.
Argos KYC provides both API and Liveform. Try out our Liveform demo to expereince the web-based and easy to use KYC. Got you covered.