Revolutionizing eKYC with ARGOS SCORE.

Hello everyone! Today we have an interesting and unique topic for you.
We're talking about how the ever-widening field of artificial intelligence is improving our daily lives and work. More specifically, we're going to talk about our next-generation technology, ARGOS SCORE.


Let's start by explaining what ARGOS SCORE is.
ARGOS SCORE is a feature that calculates a score result for identity information based on artificial intelligence for a user's submission, and automatically completes the approval process if the score is above the threshold set by the customer.
In other words, by utilizing this feature, you can replace the existing manual processing method with fast and efficient automated processing.
Don't worry too much. Submissions below the threshold can still be helped by an Agent! After all, ARGOS is always focused on reducing your workload.
Now let's take a look at what ARGOS SCORE means and why it's important.
Perfecting automated processing AI
Based on the accumulated processing results of ARGOS eKYC over the years, ARGOS SCORE has perfected 'automated processing AI', which represents a significant leap forward in delivering improved results based on superior technology and diverse data. According to internal test results, the efficiency of automated processing has been improved by 63%.
Flexibility: Thresholds can be set per customer's policies, giving users greater flexibility. This allows customers to optimize ARGOS SCORE according to their business environment and requirements.
Real-time automated processing: 100% real-time automated processing with no waiting time for manual processing. This will make your work more efficient and faster, which will increase customer satisfaction.
Improved accuracy: Includes a variable to compensate for user environment variables encountered during the ID extraction process. This compensates for the fact that OCR is heavily influenced by the environment and enables more accurate eKYC.
In conclusion, ARGOS SCORE is an AI-powered automated processing system that provides efficiency, flexibility, real-time processing, and high accuracy. It enables our clients to run their operations more efficiently, and users to receive faster and more accurate service.
Advancements in technology bring amazing changes to both our daily lives and work environments, and it's important for all of us to understand and apply them properly. We'll continue to introduce you to next-generation technologies like ARGOS SCORE, so stay tuned for future posts!
Until next time, stay tuned to find out what new technology we'll be covering, and until then, bye!