ARGOS KYC | Overcoming the Duplicate Account Dilemma

Hi there. This is Argos KYC, identity verification solution provider.
Today, I'd like to address the issue of duplicate user accounts that often arise in digital environments.
In the vast landscape of digital services, there is an issue that often goes unnoticed but has a huge impact and is categorized as a fundamental problem: duplicate user accounts. When a single user creates multiple accounts, it not only inflates the number of users, but also has far-reaching implications for the functionality, security, and integrity of a digital service.

Duplicate accounts: why is it a problem?

Data Distortion

When a user uses multiple accounts, data analysis can be skewed, misrepresenting user behavior and trends. This skewed data can lead to poor decision-making, which in turn can affect the effectiveness of strategies based on these analytics.

Fraud and security risks

Duplicate accounts amplify the risk of fraudulent activity because they can act as a loophole in your security framework. These accounts can be exploited for malicious activity, making it difficult for service providers to maintain safety standards and effectively monitor suspicious activity.

Misallocation of resources

From a resource perspective, each additional account consumes valuable storage space and processing power. Therefore, duplicate accounts lead to inefficient resource allocation, diverting critical resources that could be better used to improve service.

Compromises community integrity

For social platforms, duplicate accounts can be used to skew public sentiment, amplify a particular point of view, or harass other users. This is a violation of the platform's community guidelines and disrupts the healthy interactions that the platform strives for.

Legal and compliance risks

In highly regulated sectors like finance and healthcare, duplicate accounts can lead to compliance risks. Failure to comply with legal norms and standards can have serious repercussions.

ARGOS' approach to preventing duplicate accounts

Applicant ID

At the core of the duplicate prevention strategy offered by ARGOS is the creation of a unique Applicant ID for each user. This ID is created using key personal identifiers such as name, date of birth, nationality, and gender. These elements are then combined to create a single cryptographic value and used as a basis for comparison and account categorization.
ARGOS system is designed to recognize the same person even if variations occur in the name data field.
Using the Levenshtein distance similarity test, ARGOS is able to detect the same name in different languages, excluding middle names and other modifiers. This unique mechanism allows us to accurately recognize and account for even subtle changes in user identity.

Approved Period (Prevent duplicate approve)

Based on the data of users who have already undergone KYC, ARGOS can implement the Approved Period feature to prevent the creation of duplicate accounts. This feature is designed to block users from creating new accounts using a variety of different auxiliary variables that are collected during the KYC process.
It works with three main auxiliary variables.
Email : Prevents users from creating additional accounts with the same email address.
IP Address : Provides ARGOS' system with the ability to block users from creating multiple accounts from the same IP address.
Local Storage : You can block attempts to create multiple accounts with the same device.

ARGOS supports flexible client verification policies

In addition to these core features, ARGOS' system includes a range of adjustable measures to match your organization's individual policies. For example, ARGOS supports ID forgery prevention, age restrictions, and country-specific restrictions. This flexibility allows each organization to fine-tune the identity verification process according to their specific needs.
In conclusion, ARGOS' KYC-based approach provides a powerful solution to the problem of duplicate accounts in online services. Through a combination of artificial intelligence algorithms and preventive checks, ARGOS helps maintain the integrity of your online user base by uniquely identifying each user and preventing duplicates.
For more information, see the Applicant ID and Approval Period Setup service guide.
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